David was born and raised on a farm in Dededo, on the beautiful island of Guam in Southeast Asia. His family grew and sold fruits and vegetables, and raised, milked, and sold goats at Harmon Market on the Japanese WWII airfield. He came to Oklahoma when he was 16, started Wave Media Technologies at 17, and later got a Bachelors of Business Administration with an emphasis in International Trade, Marketing and Multimedia Design from UCO in Edmond. During his college years he procured his first piece of land, 13 acres, which he used for recreation and experimenting with alternate power sources. During his engagement to Katelyn he built their home and as soon as they were married they happily began building their farm together. Shortly before the birth of their first child they realized that 13 acres was not enough for their vision and aspirations. They put their first homestead up for sale and began praying and looking for a bigger piece of land. Soon the Lord led them to the perfect piece with beautiful trees and a lovely valley. Simultaneously they sold their “old” home of 18 months and bought the new place! Forty-five days after they broke ground they moved into their new home and began working the land! David loves studying sustainable agriculture and learning and implementing new techniques to better steward the land.

 Katelyn was born and raised in Edmond, Oklahoma. Although she didn’t grow up on a working farm, she has always enjoyed being out in God’s creation, whether for work or recreation. Before she was married she prayed that her future husband would desire to live on a farm, at least someday! The Lord answered her prayer far above and beyond anything she could have imagined (and in more ways than just the farm)!  Although she’d be delighted to live anywhere with David, she is thankful to work with him on their land, together with their growing family! Heath and nutrition have been of keen interest to her for many years and she enjoys learning about what foods and growing practices help our bodies and earth function the way God designed them to function.

Lilian was born at home on the first farm in ’09 and spent her early months of life sleeping to the sounds of nail guns, air compressors, screw guns and hammering during the construction of the new house. She is a delight to us and we are so thankful to have her! Playing outside is one of her favorite pastimes, especially when we’re all out building miniature waterfalls into the pond! She loves exploring new things, watching the goats, singing her heart out and pretending to cook us all kinds of tasty food! She is absolutely thrilled when she finds a way to help, from handing us seedlings and seeds for planting to putting the freshly dug potatoes into the bucket! She adores her little brother and is always excited to help her “Liddle Buddy” as she calls him! She is a blessing indeed!

Keith was born at home here on the farm in December of 2011! We tease that he’s certified organic too since he was born on the farm! We often call him “Happy Boy” because he smiles so much! He started working on his first word around 3.5 months with a distinguishable  ”Mom-Mommmma” in his cry when he was hungry and saw Momma! He loves watching his Papa and has a quick laugh for him! He smiles ear to ear when big sister plays pat-a-cake with him, sings him a song, or wrestles with him! When we work in the garden he is quite content to boisterously play and blissfully sleep in his bouncer under a bug net! We are so thankful for him!